Meet Vida

Learn about how Vivi's started and what we are about!

Hi! My name is Vida Shahbazi and I am the owner and head chef of Vivi's International Cuisine. 

Throughout my life, I have had a genuine passion for cooking, especially cooking for others. It brings me such joy to share the vibrant flavors and traditions of my homeland, flavors that are made from techniques passed down to me from my mother. I started Vivi's International Cuisine to help reveal the wonders of Persian cuisine and healthy eating to my community.

Throughout my culinary experiences, I have expanded my skills to be well-tuned to the world of healthy-eating and nutrition, skills I gathered during my fitness and weight-loss journey. I understand and clearly see the value in fresh, locally sourced, wholesome homecooked meals. My goal is to make that accessible to my customers, ensuring that all the food I prepare and create is infused with love and care, every step along the way. 

I'm excited to work with people who want to discover more about the world of Persian cuisine and healthy eating. I hope you will share this excitement with me as we work together to make your culinary experience with Vivi's unforgettable!

With love,

Vida Shahbazi